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Updated: Apr 1

Behind the Eyes of a Cancer Patient walks you through my experiences with cancer and some of the beautiful life lessons I learned along the way. As a cancer patient, I found it was hard for any family and friends to understand how to cope with my cancer diagnosis and support me in the best way possible.

So many people are facing these same issues, whether as the actual patient or as someone close to the patient, so in this book, I share some honest insight on how I faced my experience with a positive twist.

Lakeya Cunningham is a motivational speaker and published author of her new book "Behind the Eyes of a Cancer Patient." In her novel, she entails her personal experiences with her cancer.

"You are made to win,

you will not be


In great detail, she describes her mental struggles with accepting and living with her new reality of breast cancer. And her positive mindset led to her positive victory.


"Behind The Eyes of a Cancer Patient: Experiences of my Journey"

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